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Elevated Trading Services


Get access to the Private "0 to 100" Section inside of "Pepethuglife's casino" Discord Server.

Live Treading Livestreams Every Day !

Pepe trades live and comments on price action for the 0 to 100 members EVERY DAY !

Get real time price action analysis while being able to ask questions and get the answers you're looking for.
Take your learning experience to the next level!


Pepe has been trading since 2016.

From Indices to Forex and Crypto you'll be able to witness how Pepe goes from forming trade ideas to executing on them when all his criteria are met. 


Consistency in showing up and executing fearlessly with precision are Pepe's forte and you'll get to follow along and learn from it.

Live Price Action Analysis

Pepe provides in-depth real-time price action analysis and insights that will enhance your educational experience.

Watch, ask questions and learn as he analyses and execute on his trades everyday.

Tighter Community

Get direct access to Pepe and a group of solid traders that show up everyday and trade while exchanging ideas and information through out the trading sessions.

Trading as a team to ensure no one gets left behind.

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